Go-see Must-haves

Have a long day of go-sees scheduled? Not even sure what you will need to bring to a go-see? Well, you have come to the right place! We know just what you will need to bring to keep you fresh and ready throughout the day. These are the bare essentials and are practically a requirement to be compartmentalized in the perfect bag:


What to put in the perfect go-see Bag


  1. Comp Card/Headshots- This is the first thing you need to make sure you have with you because it’s basically your business card. This is also probably the first thing the agent/designer will ask for when you get to the go-see. You will also want to show up with a fresh face, a smile, and a pleasant demeanor.
  2. Make-up- We’re not saying bring the whole MAC counter with you. You should bring some foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. Sometimes the only make-up artist there will be you. Sometimes they will just have some difficulty matching your complexion so it’s best to be prepared for that. Throw a scrunchie or some hairpins in there too in case you need to do a quick look change.
  3. Snacks- If you’re going to be out all day in any situation you have to keep your energy up. Some light snacks and some water will go a long way. Kale chips, granola, or a piece of fruit are all good options. Also be sure you grab some mints or gum as well to keep your breath fresh.
  4. Hygienic necessities- Deodorant, facial cleanser, baby wipes, lotion, and lip balm. You’ll need these because you want to be sure that you are fresh. Therefore you can walk into your last appointment just as bright and perky as your first.


In conclusion, all of these items combined are especially relevant when you have a lot of go-sees planned. In addition to these items, you will also probably want to have some confidence in you.  You can do this by literally putting your best foot forward and practicing your walk ahead of time. These ingredients will help you glide through your day and possibly into a new gig!


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