Hip-Hop Couture

Hip-Hop Couture

Hip-hop has always been at the center of some of the most influential fashion trends, no matter the decade. I think it’s mostly because hip-hop is so in-tune with the times and in that way, it really speaks to people. It speaks to how they live their lives and what they wear. So as the times change so does the clothing that hip-hop artists wear. Like from baggy jeans to skinny jeans, over the past few years we can see how considerably they have adapted and changed different styles to make them their own.

Hip-hop’s Own Kind of Vogue

Some artists don’t wait for the latest trends to emerge to reshape them into their own style. They have begun to create their own brands that define their version of luxury and elegance.  Recently, rapper 2 Chainz collaborated with Versace on a joint sneaker release at Milan’s fashion week. You can get a look at them here. He’s not the only hip-hop artist that has had a run at designing. The most notable are probably Sean John and Rocawear but there are some lesser known brands that are run by rappers that are banking the artists some serious cash. Some of them include Trunkfit, Billionaire Boys Club, Akoo, Dereon, and Kanye’s Runway line.

Trending for Spring 2018

I’m genuinely excited to see what becomes the fresh new obsession this year and how it translates and evolves into the hip-hop world.  The “new” trench, florals, and art infused prints are just some of the things that sound thrilling to imagine transitioning. There are probably tons of artists waiting to get their big break. Style and image seem like maybe one of the biggest factors in who gets their chance (besides talent) so it seems they might want to pay attention to some of the most noteworthy trends for Spring 2018. It will be here before you know it and we should try to keep an eye out as well to see how it all comes together!


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