Trendy Tresses

Trendy Tresses

The right haircut is one of the most important things to have when it comes to having some sense of individuality in a sea of never-ending faces out there. It can help you stand out amid the crowd so to speak and it’s just a powerful thing! Here are a few things you should look into when thinking about getting some new trendy tresses:

Trendy Tresses 101


  • Face Shape– The shape of your face is a key factor in choosing your new coiffure. Is your head round, oval, diamond, square, long, or heart-shaped? This will determine what style looks best and make you uniquely you! You’ll need to know before you pick a cut and you can learn how to do so here.
  • Length– The length of your beautiful stands can make you appear shorter, taller, wider, or thinner than you actually are. This can work in your favor and make you look more proportionate. Do you want long ringlets for a soft feminine look? Do you want to go for an edgy disheveled look? Even a shaved look makes a statement!
  • Color– The color of the haircut you choose can take you from a posh supermodel to a grudge pop-star in an instant. Both are alluring in their own ways but having both could be difficult. It’s best to choose a great base color and go from there using different means (non-permanent) of hair coloring. That way you have versatility for each day which is fundamental. These are my favorite for hair that pops!

Once those 3 things have been determined then you can pick a haircut that lets you have a different type of flavor each week! The key to it all is symmetry. Whether you are your own stylist or you have a professional style you every shoot, your haircut is essential for making your everyday life fashionable!



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  1. Great advice, I like the silver color that I see some people are getting into. It reminds me of an anime character.

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